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Want to reach the best and most talented founders, leaders, and thinkers? Contribute to Leaders Who Launch.

Our blog is built by people like you so we can help more people like you. In so thinking, we’re always open to accepting guest blog posts and guest articles from leaders who have a skill or story to share.

But before you set out to write your awesome piece, we want to keep some things clear:

  • We do not accept unsolicited articles. We accept, however, pitches for blog posts. If you have an awesome idea for a post, we invite you to send a pitch and we’ll see how to progress with it, if at all.
  • We’re looking for next-level insights. We want to provide our readers with great value. Therefore, we must be strict about the quality of the content we put out, including your submissions. We steer clear from fluff and are naturally drawn to insightful stuff like case studies and definitive guides. To get a handle of the quality we’re looking for, please take a look around our blog.
  • We want to give you as much exposure as we can. As a contributing member of Leaders Who Launch, you become part of our family. And we take care of our family around here. In the context of digital, we will share your content far and wide across our socials and mailing list. We can also arrange for “dofollow” links if you need high-quality backlinks to your stuff.
  • We are doing our best to reply. Because we have this form open to everyone, we are getting a good number of submissions. Therefore, we can’t promise to reply to every single one. To streamline our process, we try to reply to submissions we like up until the second week of submission.

Still here? Read on for a better understanding of our submission guidelines.

Submission guidelines

We painstakingly review every submission we receive here at Leaders Who Launch. For your pitch to pass, please check the following guidelines.

It should be high quality

Submissions must be of high quality in order to be published. Obviously, we can’t know about quality based on pitch, so we reserve the right to decline should we find the submission of lesser quality than our set standard. In addition, we use “high quality” very strictly here: grammatically sound, conceptually tight, and written well.

It should be original content

This should go without saying, but your guest blog post or article should be original and written by you. If your content has already been published elsewhere, we can’t accept it.

It should concisely cover relevant topics

Your submission should cover topics relevant to our readers: starting an online business, digital marketing, e-commerce, and more. We want to concentrate our content towards helping our target audience, which are founders, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

It should be in-depth

We don’t want to waste readers’ time. When they click on a Leaders Who Launch article, they feel a sense of security that what they’re about to unpack is something truly valuable—and we don’t want to betray that.

As such, we encourage our contributors to think in-depth when thinking about their submission. We want your articles to do great as well, and we find that, historically, more in-depth content does better (think case studies, definitive guides, and step-by-step tutorials).

For your information, our articles run on average at 2,000 to 5,000 words.

It should have actionable advice or insights

Our endgame with our content is to ultimately help our readers build a better business. In line with, we produce content that has concepts, processes, or tips that they can take action on right now. When submitting a pitch, think about how you can make your content actionable.

Some FAQs about guest posting with us

Below is a list of questions that you might find yourself asking with regards to working with us.

  • “Do you pay contributors?” – No. But we have hired a number of them or have given them work opportunities in connection to their contributed pieces.
  • “What’s in it for me, then?” – You get to speak directly to a network of passionate entrepreneurs, builders, and founders. Only if we agree it can help our readers and their businesses, you can also promote your product or service. You will also be added
  • “How do I make sure my guest article becomes a success?” – We’ll do all the heavy-lifting in terms of promoting your content to our network and optimizing it for search, but it will be better if you self-promote as well. Share it across your socials and with subscribers in your mailing list.
  • “Can I repost my guest article elsewhere?” – Yes, but only on the contributors’ personal blogs/Medium account. In addition, we impose a strict 7-day wait period (from publishing date) before we let our contributors repost the content. This is to avoid getting hit with duplicate content strikes by Google.

How to submit your guest article/blog post

To get started on your submission, scroll down to the bottom of this page and include the following in your pitch. To reiterate, we need pitches. Not finished articles.:

  • Proposed headlines for your article. We like having headline options, so if you can prepare one to two headlines for us. (Hint: this usually makes or break it for us; you need to know your headlines well!)
  • A “logline” of your article. A one to two-sentence summary of what your guest article or blog post is going to be about.
  • A basic outline of your article. This should cover everything that you want to touch on your article or blog post. It will be vital to helping us understand how it will bring value to our readers.

In addition to this, we’ll also ask links to samples of your writing.

Once accepted, you’ll be invited to get going on your guest post. We will work with you closely on your article. You’ll be invited to our Asana board and Slack community, where we can chat in detail how to make your guest blog more successful. You will also be asked to provide a short writer bio, a profile picture, a link to your website, and social media profiles.

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